Yamane, Akiko

Born in 1982 in Osaka, she obtained her master’s degree from the Kyoto City University of Arts where she studied composition with Motoharu Kawashima, Hinoharu Matsumoto, Shuichi Maeda, and Noriko Nakamura (2001–7). She also studied at the High School of Arts in Bremen with Younghi Pagh-Paan (2005–6). She participated in the Akiyoshidai’s Summer master course in composition, the Takefu International Music Festival (2005 and 2007), and Royaumont Voix Nouvelles. 

Her many accolades include the Meiji Yasuda scholarship (2004), ISCM Togashi Prize (2005), 1st Prize at the 75th Music Competition of Japan (2006), and Akutagawa Award (2010). Her commissions include Dots Collection no. 6 for the NHK Symphony Orchestra, premiered at Music Tomorrow (2010), Harakiri Maiden for the Suntory Foundation for Arts, premiered during their Summer Festival (2012), and Illuminated Baby for the Hamamatsu International Piano Competition, selected as required repertoire for the competition 2nd stage (2015). 

Her works have been performed and featured by Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra, NHK Symphony, Izumi Sinfonietta Osaka, Tokyo Ensemble Factory, Tokyo Gen’On Project, Ensemble Muromachi, Nishihara Kakushin, Teion Duo, Noriko Ogawa, Music from Japan in New York, Suntory Summer Festival, and Ars Musica. She has composed several works in collaboration with visual artists, and has appeared at Aida Makoto: Monumento for Nothing. She has hosted a contemporary music concert series, eX., from 2007 to 2013. She teaches at the Soai University and has lectured at the Akiyoshidai’s Summer master course in composition (2016, 2017). 

Selected works: Chemical Lolita for piano (2008), Kihan for shakuhachi, guitar and cello (2008), Hitogata for orchestra (2008), FeS2–pyrite– for piano (2004–9), windingly moving objects for various casts (2009), Dots Collection no. 3 for violin and piano (2009), a vibrating sphere in a room for violin (2009), Dots Collection no. 4 for chamber orchestra (2009), Toge–Toge Camelia for flute, clarinet and percussion (2009), Dots Collection no. 5 for flute, clarinet, tuba, harp, two violins, viola and cello (2010), Dots Collection no. 6 for orchestra (2010), Dots Collection no. 7 for piano (2010), Dots Collection no. 8 for violin, clarinet, cello and piano (2010), Split Dots no. 1 for flute and vibraphone (2011), Girl Melancholy for violin and toy piano (2011), Split Dots no. 2 for two bass flutes and contrabass flute (2011), Dots Collection no. 9 for flute and piano (2011), Dots Collection no. 10 for flute, clarinet, tenor recorder and violin (2011), Plastic Babys for violin, viola and piano (2011), p/b twin for violin and clarinet (2011),Dots Collection no. 12 for baritone and tuba (2011), Dots Collection no. 13 for kugo and shō (2012), Toki Yo Megure (Madei Rondo) for children’s choir (2012), Harakiri Maiden for biwa and orchestra (2012), Dots Collection no. 14 for electronic organ (2012), Dots Collection no. 15 for vocal ensemble (2012), Tessellation for trumpet and piano (2012), Poppi Cue Popper Key for percussion (2012), Ambiguous garnet colored fragmentsfor flute, violin and piano (2012), Doku Kyoku for guitar (2013), Dots Collection no. 16 for saxophone quartet (2013), Magical Medical Tranquilizer for trombone and toy piano (2013), Flower Baby for koto (2013), Dots Collection no. 11 for string quartet (2011–13), Omocha–Bako Suite for trumpet and piano (2013), Ash Colored Arabesque for male vocale ensemble (2014), Melt away into love of polka dots cosmos for shakuhachi, two kotos and 17 gen (2014), Robot Ride for piano (2014), Electric Baby for ondes Martenot (2014), KuruKuru Steps for Japanese instrumental ensemble (2014), Illuminated Baby for piano (2015), PikaPika SunSun for string quartet (2015), Dots Collection no. 17 for timpani (2015), Music of Tracing Electone for electone (2015), Twinkle–Twinklefor piano (2016), Names Collection no. 2 for vocal ensemble (2016), Heisei Kazari Gaku for gagaku kangen (2016), In the Milky Way for tuba (2016), Variations on a Japanese folk song Higo Temari–Uta for piano trio (2016), Dots Collection no. 18 for ensemble and electronics (2016), glittering pattern no. 2 for vibraphone (2017), TenTenTenStar for gagaku kangen (2017), Curiouser & Curiouser! for viola (2011–17), Amusementfor saxophone, tuba, percussion, piano and electronics (2018).