Bielski / FUTURISTS International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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No-One Show
immersive music theater experience in VR 360 ° technique

free entry, limited number of seats, registration required:

Jerzy Bielski concept, composition, text, performance
Tatiana Rosa recordings, sound projection, video software
Thomas Brand director of photography, light projection, video postproduction
Karolina Maksimowicz costumes
Marta Musiał, Allard Willemse photography

Jerzy Bielski No-One Show *
immersive music theater experience in VR 360 ° technique

No-One Show takes viewer on a virtual, audiovisual journey through a world dominated by systems of algorithms and codes, to (re)discover the essence of being human. In the age of Artificial Intelligence, omnipresent internet bots and algorithms leading our search engines and, therefore, heavily influencing our access to information and world's view, is a performer still an essential part of performance? Or can technology already surpass humans, replacing us in this role? And if so, how autonomous such an "androidic" performer could be from its human creator/programmer? And could it ever set free, or even better, multiply itself into few separate beings, having a simultaneous (artistic) conversation with each other? How could it communicate with us and what kind of communication would that be?

"Jerzy is a composer who doesn't think in scores but in total concepts. He is pushing the boundaries of music theater with great ambition." – Tobias Kokkelmans (director of Nederlands Theatre Festival and Amsterdam Fringe Festival, dramaturg of O. festival)

Composer and interdisciplinary art maker Jerzy Bielski, has been redefining music, theatre, installation and performance art blend in his own way for a few years now with his group Futurists. In No-One Show even the performers disappear from stage. This highly innovative movie/live spectacle, created partly by AI, searches for the definition of humanity in our hi-tech inflicted 21st century.

* first Polish performance

The project has been implemented with the support of: Silbersee, Gaudeamus, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, and NORMA fonds
Organised by ARTE Fundacja Kultury i Edukacji, Futurists Foundation