Bober, Maximiliano International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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composer, improviser, writer, and translator, born in 1988 in Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina. The act of listening invariably occupies a central place in his artistic explorations and projects. He focuses on projects that help build relationships in the public space. Since 2017 he has lived in Warsaw, where he cooperates with the experimental music scene. He has also taken part in numerous world premieres given during the concerts of the Composers’ Research Club at the Chopin University of Music. Since 2018, he has been organising concerts of music by the Wandelweiser collective as well as his own. His works have been performed at the Kyiv Music Fest 2019. In 2020, together with the improviser Sebastien Beliah, he has conducted experimental music workshops at the Warsaw Multicultural Centre. He has also performed in the Beliah / Bober improvised music duo at the Ad Libitum International Improvised Music Festival. Since 2019, he has been exploring the boundaries between sound art and both written and oral literature. In 2020 he carried out a project in Düsseldorf and Warsaw combining works for musicians, participants / performance artists, and a sound installation. Between February and May 2021, with the support and patronage of Strefa WolnoSłowa (Free Word Zone), Instytut Otwarty (Open Institute), and Jasna 10 – Krytyka Polityczna’s Cultural Club in Warsaw, he continued this project in the form of open meetings in Haller Sq. in Warsaw, which involved reading and listening to Polish, Ukrainian, and Belarusian poetry. In June and July 2020, he composed The Bridges, a soundwalk for the Soundwalk Festival in Warsaw. In March 2021, he organised the Festival of Experimental and Improvisation Music to raise funds for victims of forest res in Patagonia. His music has been performed notably in Argentina, Germany, Ukraine, and Austria.