Gliwiński, Gustaw International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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composer, author of theatre and film music, art installations, and exhibitions. He works at the intersection of contemporary music, electronics, field recording, and soundscape studies. He implements the ideas of sound architecture and sound gardens. He runs the project #citynoiseensemble, dedicated to ambient sounds and noise. His everyday work includes tuning trees and creating sounds for virtual reality. 

Selected projects: Concerto for Two Trains, radio drama (with Koło Falenica, 2015), sound arrangement in the public space in front of the SARP Warsaw Pavilion of Architecture “Zodiak” (2016), sound installation for the Transkaukazja Festival / Akcja Kurort Wisła (2016), sound visualisation of museum rooms at the Great Patriotic War Museum in Minsk (2012), concert held as part of Strefa Saamleng at Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw (2016), audio installation and concert on Iza Tarasewicz’s sculpture Turba Turbo as part of the Prague Museum Night at the Meet Factory gallery (2015), sound interpretation of the sculpture Turba Turbo at the 32nd São Paulo Art Biennial (2016), composition Furtki (Wickets) and VR/map of Jazdów installation, created as part of the Glissando magazine’s residency at Osiedle Jazdów (2019), The Blow, concerto for eight parametric winds as part of the Warsaw Gallery Weekend (2019), songs for a flapping hammock, Sound Garden project (2020), And Everything in Between during the 30th Jubilee International Festival of Warsaw Soundwalks “Slow Soundwalking Warsaw” Pan-the-Mic Edition (2020).