Blancat, Claire Saint

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is a graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Toulouse and holds a bachelor’s degree in theatre studies. She early became passionate about the visual arts associated with the stage. She discovered the trade of scenographer alongside Laurent Peduzzi in France, and then experienced it in Montreal as an assistant of Jasmine Catudal and Magalie Amyot at the Théâtre de Quat’sous. Upon her return to France, she developed her skills towards film and television productions, created clip sets, and trained in various techniques: scenography painting for the Théâtre du Soleil, costumes for the Company Isôko in Rwanda, sculpture in several productions studio such as Plastic Studios, Double FX, les Décors Papillon. In 2011, she became accessorist director at the CFPTS in Bagnolet. Jointly scenographer and sculptor for over ten years, Claire Saint Blancat regularly collaborates with directors (Laurent Pelly then Galin Stoev at the Théâtre de la Cité in Toulouse, Sebastien Bournac from Tabula Rasa Company, Yohan Bret from l’An 01 Company, Lou Broquin of Compagnie Créature, Sonia Belskaya), composers (Pierre Jodlowski, Marin Bonazzi), and visual artists (Marie Sirgue, Lou-Andréa Lasalle) to design and produce works that cross the fields of the object and space, on various modes of representation ranging from exhibition to live performance through interactive installation.