Lekcja muzyki (Music Lesson)- Anna Szwajgier, Horacy Muszyński International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Lekcja muzyki (Music Lesson)- Anna Szwajgier, Horacy Muszyński

The school, classroom, school corridor, hall, canteen, daycare room, locker room, sports field: these words bring to mind associations with a unique  s p a c e – t i m e , immersion in which often requires from us a dose of coercion. A space–time irrevocably associated with childhood and early youth as well as with a very characteristic sound and a wealth of intense emotions, experiences and events. People begin to consciously perceive their presence in school already in their first few years in that space, filled not only with images, smells, experiences, but also with sounds. The artists: composer Anna Szwajgier and visual and performative situations author Horacy Muszyński, together with performance participants bring us “back to school” for a unique music lesson, in fact by designing the special space–time of the place. 

Anna Kierkosz