Kapela / Ziołek / Jakimiak Międzynarodowy Festiwal Muzyki Współczesnej Warszawska Jesień

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Justyna Wasilewska, Janek Sobolewski, Jaśmina Polak actors
Diana Krawiec / Dobromiła Dobro, Arkadiusz Gruszczyński, Grzegorz Laszuk team of curators
Adam Jankowski sound production and mastering

Presentation of a radio drama produced in the Radio Kapitał Experimental Studio as part of the project RadioTeatr 2022:
Jaś Kapela, Kuba Ziołek, Agnieszka Jakimiak Hatefulness

Hatefulness is a kind of meditation and exercise that offers tools to work with anger. It is a technique of mental training that makes it possible to find peace with oneself and the surrounding world. Through the practice of hate and anger one may achieve harmony with the reality we live in. This innovative technique allows us to enter into a dialogue with hectic life on its own terms, and give vent to the oceans of hatred that lls our weary minds. The tools of this new meditation technique in our radio drama are a poem by Jaś Kapela, music composed by Kuba Ziołek, and the voices of Justyna Wasilewska, Jaśmina Polak, and Janek Sobolewski. The process of creating and applying the meditation exercises was directed by Agnieszka Jakimiak.

A project developed by Radio Kapitał in cooperation with the Old Town Cultural Centre and cofinanced by the Capital City of Warsaw from the Cultural Institutions Fund.
Organised by Radio Kapitał, Old Town Cultural Centre, Komuna Warszawa Theatre