Koolwijk, Hans van International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Born in a happy Dutch family, I studied technology in my adolescence and became a teacher in fine arts in my twenties. I moved slowly from the woods in the Dutch South-West to the city of Amsterdam and focused finally on sound art in my thirties. This step led me into a new and unknown world in which I was free to be a pioneer and develop myself. I could use all my abilities, such as my skills as a constructor, my interest in natural science, and my musical talents. I am a designer–builder now, as well as a composer-performer. I work with sound like a sculptor works with clay or stone, and my slogan became: SOUND IS MATTER. As a visual artist I want to shape special sounds in an image; you have to be able to see the sound, as it were. Some works are site-specific, others are shown at different locations. Through continuous research into physical sound principles, a wide palette has been created in more than thirty years, from simple sound sculptures to very complex sound machines. 

I like to mix the lower arts with the higher, combining crudity with sophisticated ethereal qualities. It’s perfect if it clashes. With this mix I reach a blended audience that is encouraged to listen more freely; I like to open the ears. My passion lies in building new sound sculptures, making exhibitions, and performing. I have taught adolescents and given workshops and lectures. And I work intensely with musicians and ensembles. 

Hans van Koolwijk 

Selected works: sound sculptures: I Dubo (1990), Doremi (1993), Kroon (2001); glissando machines: Glissando Simple (1990), Glissando Large (2006), Glissando Small (2006); instruments: Oerkaatser (1996), TREK! (1999), OerOorsprong (1999), KnikTiks (2000), BassBoxen (2002), Eckoo(2004), Bellen (2005), Bassen (2006), Slurven (2007); performances: Balloon Performance, Bambuso Performance