Cosmic Live Electronics International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Żaneta Rydzewska clarinet
Włodzimierz Żukowski electronics
Michalina Jastrzębska cello
Julia Marczuk piano

Cosmic Live Electronics: Celestial Frequencies

Julia Claver Pater Ganymede
Julia Marczuk Callisto
Barbara Zach Io
Maciej Grinholc Europa
Przemysław Pacek Amaltea
Bartosz Mularski Himalia
Jan Błażejczak Elara
Lena Michajłów Adrastea
Włodzimierz Żukowski Intermezza

The project was inspired by the sounds of celestial bodies, which have been “reconstructed” in recent years. Sound waves, as we know, cannot travel through vacuum. The recorded electromagnetic waves can nevertheless be transformed into mechanical (acoustic) waves using mathematical formulas. The concert’s leitmotif is the “music” of Jupiter’s moons reconstructed in this manner. The sequence of musical pieces corresponds to the chronological order in which these moons were discovered.

The project is a result of collaboration between nine young composers who, together with the instrumentalists, have created a multidimensional immersive audiovisual work using cosmic sound and live electronics. Each composer authored one section of this cosmic tale.

Organised by the Art-and-Science Club at the Chopin University of Music, Department of Composition and Theory of Music
Event partner: Planetarium – Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw.