Sounds Now Symposium 2023 International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Monika Żyła, Iuliia Lashchuk, Anne Marqvardsen, Anna Berit Asp Christensen curators

Sounds Now Symposium 2023: Curating Voices of Otherness /
The artistic strategies of women, non-binary, and transsexual persons in a world of wars, crises, and political turmoil.

The symposium is conceived as an interdisciplinary debate (both theoretical and practical) on what it means to curate and create art in oppressive conditions, in the face of social hostility as well as economic and existential uncertainties. We will share experiences and artistic strategies worked out by various marginalised groups in response to crises. We will analyse problems encountered by persons marginalised in the creative sector and try to find out to what extent their creative participation can prove resilient and flexible in crisis situations. The two-day symposium is an opportunity to meet curators, activists, and artists including Elham Puriya Mehr, Alicja Czyczel, and Ewa Majewska. Many of them work on the ethics of otherness, with particular focus on women, trans- and non-binary persons in the context of music and sound art. Some of the activities will be conducted in smaller workgroups. Others are open to all those interested without the need for prior registration.

For more details, visit the symposium’s website:

The symposium will be held in English.

Organised by Sounds Now
Partners: SPOR Festival, The Warsaw Autumn, Hashtag Lab with support from the European Union’s Creative Europe programme.

The symposium is part of the Sounds Now project, a network of nine European music festivals and art centres that promote contemporary and experimental music as well as sound art: MUSICA – Impulse Centre for New Music, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, November Music, Onassis STEGI, SPOR Festival, Time of Music, Transit, Ultima, and Wilde Westen.