Biblaridion - Alex Vaughan International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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was an attempt to treat the trombone octet in an unconventional way and thus create a novel brass soundscape. The raw material of the piece often consists of consonant-sounding major chords. However, the way these harmonies are translated, instrumentated, and manipulated in the composition process distorts them, leaving only a shadow of the original consonant harmony behind. The title “Biblaridion” (little scroll) is a reference to the Book of Revelation (10:8–10) in which the apostle John is given a little scroll to eat. The scroll is sweet to taste, but turns sour in his stomach. It is a symbol of the sweetness of God’s offering to mankind; whoever wishes to be loved and forgiven by God, need only ask for his forgiveness and repent, the door is open to all without cost. However, the sourness is representative of the fact that most of us do not wish to accept such a free gift, and will therefore never be united with God. 

Alex Vaughan