Focus Tracking - Marcin Rupociński International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Focus Tracking is a technical term in photography, meaning following an object in continuous focus. The project under this title is part of a series of my compositional activities, encompassing both installations and multimedia, inspired by photography: an area of art as close to me as music (see previous compositions in this series: Latent Image and Sensitivity).

Focus Tracking is an algorithmic sound installation that aims to establish a subtle relationship with the space of an empty concert hall awaiting the orchestra’s arrival on the stage. Delicate musical structures are transformed over time and woven from flickering sound events of different characters. Eventually, they completely dissolve in space, giving way to the next phases of the composition. The whole evolves, however, without particularly engaging the listener's attention; it also does not avoid a sense of static, which provided a temporary meant respite.