bells - Hans van Koolwijk International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Soundsculptures in the exhibition 

Due to my intense fascination with the basic building blocks of sound, I started experimenting with certain basic principles of physics. For example, I began searching for the “lowest tone” and I have built sound sculptures that generate beats or make difference tones. In other works, sound is resonated. These types of objective physical phenomena challenge me to elevate and transform the sound sculptures to unique, uncommon works, with a rather moving effect. My sound machines are transformed with an emotional charge, they play on feeling, they surprise and touch people. 


As musical instruments, the gongs have so many sounds that you normally cannot hear. That's why I made this installation. Visitors can stand between two gongs from Myanmar (Burma) that hang in a large trestle and sound almost continuously. Because you can get so close, there is a lot to discover that is interesting. Don’t touch and dream away...


And then there are the Tick-Bells. They are the opposite of gongs: loud and clear. They tap like rain in a beginning shower and stop abruptly, with a fantastic echo.

In another large trestle, a regularly chiming bell sounds in the distance, reminiscent of a church bell on an early Sunday morning.

Hans van Koolwijk