THE PALACE - Jakub Wróblewski International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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The execution of THE PALACE is based on capturing the shape of the Czapski Palace and exploring the building in virtual space. A feature of the palace as a representative residential building or seat of government is that it is devoid of defensive features. As public buildings, the Czapski, Krasiński or Raczyński palaces in Warsaw have no defensive features, they are not residential buildings; moreover, even their names are ambiguous, evading categorisation and definition. Is a palace out of use at night empty, or does it then regain its initial state? Is a figure of the beholder needed to describe architectural values? How do the laws of physics act on an object if its construction does not involve the use or application of forces against it? What can an active negative be and how can we explore form without being human? 

Jakub Wróblewski