MAŁE INSTRUMENTY (SMALL INSTRUMENTS)  International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Wrocław-based music group, founded in 2007 and led by Paweł Romańczuk. It explores unusual sound sources, small objects, unique instruments, and its own playing constructions. As part of their wide-ranging musical activities, the group records albums, film and theatre music, appears in concert in Europe, authors sound installations, and conducts workshops, lectures and exhibitions on the culture of musical instruments. 

Its numerous past projects include interpretations of film music (Antonisz, Sroczyński, Rota, Morricone, Penderecki); silent films soundtracks (Muszelka i klerykJeszcze wyżejEntr’acteMikrocosmosHarry PiłkarzBrzdącCyrk); original music for film (Giersz, Wilczyński, Jarząb, Paszkiewicz, Wierzchowski and Group 3/4, Załęski); sound illustrations for texts (Nowe przygody Bolka i Lolka with Wojciech Mann, Maria Peszek / Sekretne życie krasnali audiobook with Jan Peszek); a joint project with French musician Pierre Bastien; recordings of French and Polish rhymes; AutoKonstruktone, original mechanical music-playing constructions; the Elektrownia Dźwięku sound show (Grand Prix at Przegląd Piosenki Aktorskiej, Nurt OFF, 2008); Samoróbka, concerts performed on instruments of the participants’ own construction; Schulz, music inspired by the prose of Bruno Schulz; own interpretations of music by Ligeti, Stravinsky, Feldman, Schoenberg, Satie, Cowell, Shostakovich, Moniuszko, Bach, as well as toy piano concerts with music by John Cage and Fryderyk Chopin; and projects in collaboration with blind and deaf people (Art Impossible, Chladni, Niewidzialne instrumenty, Different Lines). In addition to their extensive collection of musical instruments, Small Instruments are involved in the construction of prototype instruments of their own invention and the reconstruction of experimental instruments. 

Workshops dedicated to listeners seeking inspiration in the works of Small Instruments have also become an additional activity.