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This year’s Warsaw Autumn Contexts thread includes reminiscences of Warsaw Autumn concerts from past years, broadcast by TVP Kultura, as well as radio feature concerts, broadcast during the last three days of this year’s Warsaw Autumn by the online Kapitał Radio.

These audio features were commissioned by the Warsaw Autumn Festival, with the support of the Society of Authors ZAiKS, from composers, intermedia artists, and journalists from Belarus and Poland. The majority of these radio features addresses current issues. In the case of Belarusian artists: Victor Kisten, Pavel Shvedov, Dmitry Lybin, and Nastia Niakrasava together with Pawel Ryžkoŭ, the topic is the ongoing confrontation of Belarus’s authorities with their nation. In the case of Polish artists, those current affairs also include events in Belarus (Remigiusz Hanaj-Mazur), the refugee crisis (Katarzyna Głowicka), apparently purely musicological reflection on musical functions and genres (Justyna Banaszczyk and Rafał Ryterski). Tadeusz Sudnik expresses the most abstract current.

The audio features represent Warsaw Autumn’s rapid reaction force: some are still being edited.