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Rules of participation in concerts
of the 63rd edition of the Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music

Due to the necessity of protecting from SARS-CoV-2 virus infection and the safety procedures introduced by the sanitary regime, the Polish Composers’ Union (organiser of the Warsaw Autumn Festival) introduces the following rules for all the concerts taking place between 18 and 27 September 2020:

1. Participation in concerts is equivalent to the acceptance of the present rules. Participants must abide by the present rules. The full text is available on the Festival’s website: www.warszawska-jesien.
2. Participation in the Festival’s events is subject to a written declaration about the participant’s health condition. Entry is prohibited to participants who knowingly:
♣ are infected or suspect an infection
♣ are quarantined
♣ are subject to epidemic surveillance.
3. Declaration forms are made available at ticket sales points and on the Festival’s website. Before each concert, a declaration form must be filled in, signed and handed over to staff. Organisers will provide printed forms to be filled in before entering the concert hall. Participants who fail to fill in forms will not be allowed to the concert. Supplying your personal data is equivalent to your consent for data processing by the organisers according to the GDPR policy for a period of two weeks from the concert.
4. Participants to the concerts are obliged to wear facemasks or visors and to observe a social distancing standard of 2 metres.
5. Participants are obliged to disinfect hands before entering the event venue.
6. The Organisers have the right to measure the temperature of spectators before they enter the concert hall. In case of refusal to have their temperature measured or if the temperature is heightened, the Organisers have the right to refuse entry to the concert.
7. Photographing, filming, sound recording and the use of mobile phones and other devices that might disrupt artistic events is prohibited.
8. Concerts will be organised with no intermission. No latecomers will be allowed into the concert hall after the concert starts.
9. Organisers reserve the right to deny entry to the concert hall to participants who fail to follow the present rules or are intoxicated.
10. The present rules might be amended or changed at any time.

Online (48 517 055 920)  (for concert on 26 September at 19:30)

- one hour before each concert  

For concert on 26 September at 19:30 
- Warsaw Philharmonic’s booking office Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Warsaw Philharmonic 
Concert Hall
18.09, 19:30 – 60 PLN, 80 PLN  
26.09, 19:30 – 60 PLN, 80 PLN  
(25% discount for students and pensioners)   
Chamber Hall
24.09, 19:30 – 50 PLN  

ATM Studio  
20.09, 19:30 – 50 PLN    
22.09, 22:30 – 50 PLN 
23.09, 19:30 – 50 PLN  
25.09, 19:30 – 50 PLN    

Witold Lutosławski Polish Radio Concert Studio
– due to Polish Radio decision the concerts will take place without an audience participation

Meetings and workshops with composers at Austrian Cultural Forum
– free entry, limited number of seats, registration required:

Sculpture Park in Królikarnia 
18 – 27.09 – free entry
19.09, 11:00 – free entry 
19.09, 16:00 – free entry 

Museum of Warsaw 
20.09, 11:00 i 13:00 – 15 PLN   
26.09, 11:00, 13:00 i 16:00 – 15 PLN 
27.09, 11:00, 13:00 i 16:00 – 15 PLN

19.09 godz. 22:30 – free entry
24.09 godz. 22:30 – free entry

17-30.09, 9:00-17:00 – free entry, limited number of seats, registration required:

20.09, 17:00 – free entry, limited number of seats, registration required:

23.09, 17:00 – free entry, limited number of seats, registration required

27.09, 16:00 – 10 PLN, ticket sale 2 hours before the concert

other events – free entry