Andre, Mark International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Born in 1964 in Paris, he studied composition with Claude Ballif and Gérard Grisey at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris, and subsequently with Helmut Lachenmann at the High School of Music in Stuttgart. He has been awarded numerous prizes and scholarships, including the Ernst von Siemens Foundation’s Composers’ Prize (2002). He has twice been awarded the Donaueschinger Musiktage Orchestral Prize: in 2007 for ...auf... 3 for orchestra and live electronics and in 2015 for über for clarinet, orchestra and live electronics. In 2017 he received the Culture Award of the German Catholics. 

In 2009 he was appointed professor of composition at the Carl Maria von Weber High School of Music in Dresden. In 2012 he was a fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies (Wissenschaftskolleg) in Berlin. He is a member of the Academy of Arts in Berlin, the Saxon Academy of Arts, and the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. 

Holger Slowik 

Selected works (since 2000): kanon for contrabass clarinet, double bass and prepared piano (2000), ...als... for bass clarinet, cello and piano (2001), ...als... for bass clarinet, cello, piano and live electronics (2001), kontra-etüde for voice, cello / double bass and bassoon (2001), asche for bass flute, bass clarinet, viola, cello and piano (2004), ...zu... for string trio (2003–5), zu staub for seven instruments (2005), durch for soprano saxophone, percussion and piano (2004–5), ...auf... for orchestra (2005–6), ...hoc... for cello and live electronics (2005–6), ni for chamber ensemble (2006), ...auf... 2 for orchestra (2007), ...auf... 3 for orchestra and live electronics (2007), iv 2 for cello (2007), for chamber ensemble (2008), iv 3 for clarinet (2008), üg for ensemble and electronics (2008), kar for string orchestra (2008–9), iv 4 for flute, oboe, clarinet and tuba (2008–9), iv 7 for contrabass clarinet (2008–9), iv 6a for trumpet (2009–10), iv 6b for trumpet (2009–10), iv 8 for string trio (2009–10), ...hij... 1 for orchestra (2010), iv 1for piano (2010), iv 9 for flute, oboe and clarinet (2010), da for chamber ensemble (2010–11), iv 11 for piano (2011), S1 for two pianos (2012), Zwischenraum for ensemble (2012), for cello (2012), iv 5 for oboe (2012), ...hij... 2 for 24 voices and electronics (2012), Az for ensemble (2013), e 2 for cello and double bass (2013), iv 12 for soprano saxophone (2013), wunderzaichen, opera (2013), ensof for mixed choir (2014), iv 13a for string quartet (2014), iv 14 for two guitars (2014), riss 2 for ensemble (2014), for six voices (2015), S2 for percussion (2015), S3 for piano and electronics (2015), über for clarinet, orchestra and electronics (2015), an for violin and orchestra (2015), iv 11c for piano (2015), riss 1 for ensemble (2015–16), riss 3 for ensemble (2016) Echographie for orchestra (2016), woher... wohin for orchestra (2015–17), Atemwind for clarinet (2017), ...hin... for harp and orchestra (2018), iv 15 – Himmelfahrt for organ (2018), iv 16 for tuba (2018), selig sind... for clarinet and electronics (2018), Drei Stücke für Ensemble (2019), rwh 1 for ensemble and electronics (2019), iv 17, eight miniatures for soprano and piano (2019), ...hin... version for harp and ensemble (2020).