Corrales, Arturo International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Composer, conductor, musicologist, guitarist, teacher and architect. Born in El Salvador and naturalised Swiss, he studied music in San Salvador, Geneva, Lugano, and Paris. He is an intensely active composer on the Swiss and international scene. Cofounder of the Ensemble Vortex and the duo Electric Primitivo. He participates in various international art festivals as composer, performer, teacher, and conductor. Currently, he is professor of composition and analysis at CPMDT, artistic and musical director of the Orchestre des Trois-Chêne, Ensemble Vortex, and Electric Primitivo. He obtained a PhD with honours in musicology from the University of Geneva, winning the 2019 Barbour Award for excellence in aesthetic criticism. 

Selected works (since 2010): parenthèse faim, music theatre (2010), (FOLK YOU!), “fractal canon in augmentation on a popular melody” for recorder, violin and computer (2010), señores les voy a contar... for string orchestra (2011), tres danzas desnudas for voice and orchestra (2011), muchos guaitacaminos, madrigal for tenor saxophone, marimba and electronics (2011), l’arbre aux clous for recorder, voice and percussion (2011), field crashers (musique contemporaine?) for speaker, two violins, guitar and double bass (2012), el paso de la muerte patente for flute, soprano saxophone, piano, percussion and electronics (2012), azulejo for drummer and many musicians (2012), xix-ìm for orchestra and sound objects by Joaquín Orellana (2012), onde, show for seven instruments, electronics, dance and theatre (2013), canto de vidrio for viola d’amore and electronics (2013), feedthrough (Argentum Bullshit), performance (2013), descenso a Xibalbá for 13 instruments (2013), foto movida for two clarinets and percussion (2013), folk you too...! for piccolo, violin and piano (2013), I sing the body electric, performance (2013), grosso modo for six percussionists (2014), step for three clappers (2014), coral cautiva for nine instruments and electronics (2014), bug trilogy for guitar, ensemble and electronics (2014), offertorium, liturgic music for a cappella choir (2015), acida lourde for two pianos, three percussion, accordion and electronics (2015), cathédrale avec des briques (contes fantastiques) for orchestra (2015), querida O.C.P., manifestation for 30 pianos (2015), mono espacial, string quartet (2015), song for viola, piano and electronics (2016), clous, performance for electric guitar and laptop (2016), liquid carillon dream for two violins (2016), muévete Janus...! for percussion and orchestra (2017), the undrowned down under drone wonder for 11 musicians and electronics (2017), CH for choir, piano and percussion (2017), scrubbing Queen for backwards voice and ensemble (2017), deuxième cathédrale avec des briques for orchestra (2017), Riff for electric guitar and ensemble (2017), Tulpa for bass clarinet and string quartet (2018), muro cuarto for electric guitar, electronics and video (2018), princess coma hicry NY for video virus (2019), hidden track for CD track (2019), ow for violin and ensemble (2019), massiv for reed quintet (2019), the cold for women’s choir, synthesizers and percussion (2020), troisième cathédrale avec des briques for orchestra (2020).