Podźwięki (After-sound) - Karolina Breguła, Karl Salzmann International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Podźwięki (After-sound) - Karolina Breguła, Karl Salzmann

The After-sound exhibition combines works by Karolina Breguła and Karl Salzmann. Both refer frequently to music and sound in their artistic practice, and the exhibited works focus on objects inextricably linked to those phenomena, such as recordings and sound recording devices, or instruments that, even when temporarily not in use, through their visual presence can pluck at the musical imagination. The title of the exhibition refers to the phenomenon by which mute objects can become carriers of a sound that has rung out. The works of Karolina Breguła and Karl Salzmann, in examining the language that music and sound can be, also fall under the main theme of this year's Warsaw Autumn Festival. They look at the materiality of sound, its social and cultural dimension, and at its metaphorical levels of meaning.