Pubs-Reklamen - Georges Aperghis International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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1. Corn flakes

2. Detergent

3. Toothpaste

4. So Drinks

5. Hydrating Cream 
6. Video Game 
7. Shampoo 

This is my first collection of seven advertisements. It is an obvious fact that in our everyday lives, we are surrounded with images and sounds, announcements that promise to fulfil our desires of more happiness and comfort but also create desires that we do not yet have. 

Each advertisement focuses on a different product (toothpaste, vitamins, drinks, shampoo, and so forth). These works are an attempt at transposing the contents of each advertisement thanks to a specific vocal treatment that creates a tension between the advertising text and the musical language. They are a pretext to allow me to continue exploring the human voice. 

Georges Aperghis