Widzimisię na fonotyzator semantochłonowy (Whims for semantoabsorbing phonotyser) - ElettroVoce International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Widzimisię na fonotyzator semantochłonowy (Whims for semantoabsorbing phonotyser) - ElettroVoce

The ElettroVoce Duo has for nearly twenty years stayed on the balance BETWEEN the oldest and the newest instruments. Somewhere in BETWEEN, the human usually loses his/her voice to give the machine a spirit. BETWEEN, there are often words, as it makes sense for the voice. These words should be BETWEEN, with some sense. Sense is where the listener is, listening in order to lose sense and find it anew. Sense is the spirit of words, which is hidden BETWEEN words. We shall play a question about meaning and respond with sound, in order to hear the sense and the spirit. If someone hears it, we see it in BETWEEN. 

Agata Zubel and Cezary Duchnowski