ELECTRIC PRIMITIVO International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Based in Switzerland, composers and performers Arturo Corrales (Geneva) and Emilio Guim (Zurich) met while working in different projects with Vortex Ensemble. Their affinity for contemporary music and their versatility for music styles both as composers and performers, led them to create this programme involving electric guitar, sound design, live electronics, light design, music theatre, and video projections. 

Both Arturo and Emilio grew up listening to rock music among other styles. is program shows one fresh way in which contemporary music has expanded to incorporate rock in an organic way. With electricity in the duo’s DNA, their sound can be massive, distorted and aggressive, but can also go for the subtleties of the almost inaudible. They go from completely free improvisation to highly written music, from graphical or conceptual scores to pages and pages of di cult and complex riffs; from video interaction to absolute music, everything filled with tons of blasting energy, getting invariably a wonderful return from the audience, who ends up literally electrified after every concert.