Schroeder, Sabine International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Canadian composer, she integrates tactile transducers, live processing, and self-built mechanics into performance that digs into heavy sound spaces that are as much about body-feel as they are about audible sound. 

Recent/current projects include residencies at Civitella Ranieri and the Experimentalstudio des SWR in Freiburg i. Br., with new commissions for ICE Ensemble (New York/Chicago), JACK Quartet (New York), Architek Percussion (Toronto), No Hay Banda (Montreal), and a collaborative project with theatre creator Jenna Harris and in Edge Collective (Toronto). 

Schroeder has been on the faculty of the iEAR (Integrated Electronic Arts) department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, New York), Royal Northern College of Music (Manchester), and Ban Summer Music Programs (Canada). 

She is currently Assistant Professor of Composition at Simon Fraser University’s interdisciplinary School for the Contemporary Arts in Vancouver. 

Selected works: Exits + Defenses for string quartet (2005), Slip Trains for string quartet (2011), He Cuts Snow for ensemble and live mechanics (2012), Stircrazer II for cello, bass drums and transducers (2013), Stircrazer III for piano, bass drums and transducers (2013), Stircrazer | Hammer + Flutter for baritone saxophone, percussion, harp and integrated electronics (2014), Bone Games for amplified ensemble and integrated electronics (2016), Bone Games | Shy Garden for large ensemble and transducers (2016), Darkhorse for amplified ensemble and electronics (2017), another arrow now from the little quiver for ondes Martenot, percussion, disklavier, harp and double bass (2018), Underroom for amplified string quartet and electronics (2018), Love Machine for amplified bassoon and electronics (2018).