Bargieł, Liwia International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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dancer, choreographer, graduate of the Modern Dance Conservatoire at London’s Trinity Laban. Doctor of theatre art, lecturer at the Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw. 

As a dancer, she has appeared in the productions of Caroline Finn, Guilherme Bothelho, Maciej Kuźmiński, Hygin Delimat, Mikołaj Mikołajczyk, Tomasz Ciesielski, Uli Sickle, and Elwira Piorun. She has authored choreographies for theatre shows such as Joanna the Mad; Queen and The Tragedy of Jan (dir. Waldemar Raźniak), Brazilian Tales (dir. Marcin Hycnar), The Demon of Theatre (dir. Andrzej Domalik), The Witcher (dir. Wojciech Kościelniak). 

She has directed theatre productions including IlluminationsWitzelsuchtSzron/FrostBody Bank, and is the co-author of interdisciplinary shows and installations such Initial Vertical PositionNullpunkt, and Treatise (2016 Warsaw Autumn commission)Currently, she is working with visual artist Bartłomiej Kiełbowicz on a cycle of video works and performative actions titledPandemobook.