Czyczel, Alicja International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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choreographer, dancer, performance artist, and cultural anthropologist, she studied film studies, interdisciplinary individual humanities and social studies, and choreography in Cracow, Warsaw, Paris, and Montpellier. In her artistic practice, she applies her curatorial and organisational skills, examines the political nature of imagination and cocreates activities focused on cooperation, sharing, and deepening empathy. She creates collective (LAGMA, 2020) and solo (body out loud, 2019) stage choreographies. 

Since May 2020, she has been a cocreator of Common Space, an informal grassroots initiative that brings together the worlds of new choreography and contemporary dance. 

She conducts site-specific artistic research by listening attentively to the surroundings and co-creating it with its non-human and human inhabitants (Blue Forest, Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Japan). In addition, she creates performances and performative walks inspired by the ecology of sound (Performative Landscapes, Metropolis in Copenhagen). 

She is a performance artist in the projects of Joanna Piotrowska and choreographer Vincent Dupont. She collaborates with the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw as an educator and has published in Glissando contemporary music magazine. Alicja Czyczel received scholarship from the Young Poland programme of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Alternative Dance Academy, danceWEB, Culture in the Web programme, Warsaw City Artistic Scholarship, and Grażyna Kulczyk’s Creative Scholarship (Art Stations Foundation).