Audiolevitatations 2:0 International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Audiolevitatations 2:0
performance and exhibition

free entry, limited number of seats, registration required:

D I D (Hania Piosik) sender of sonic messages
Olga Georgieva receiver of sonic messages
Alessandro Braga EEG operator
Leszek Garstka, Ulysse Fontaine visualisations

Audiolevitatations 2:0
performance and exhibition

This project, combining neuroscience with audiovisual arts, presents processes that take place in the mind of a person taking part in a performance based on an original sonic technique. The sender of messages directs live-performed sounds to a receiver, whose reactions are measured by scalp EEG. Signals from EEG electrodes placed on the receiver’s head are converted into visualisations in real time, and the latter are projected onto screens. anks to such a solution, the performance audience can see how sound in uences brain activity. The sound and images surrounding the audience as well as the meditative and relaxation-oriented character of this event correspond to the main theme of this year’s Warsaw Autumn: immersion.

Duration: 40 minutes

Documentation of this performance will be presented at the Austrian Cultural Forum in the form of an exhibition open until 31 October 2021.

Organised by Austrian Cultural Forum