Custom #1 - Óscar Escudero International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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is a platform which the performers access by authorising a third party (a publisher) to collect, modify and index their public data into the audiovisuals, creating a post-truth artifact. Its production adopts data management procedures analogue to those used in e-commerce. The work was the first one of the Custom series (2015–16), which is part of an artistic research project exploring the final consequences of customisation and corporativism. For this purpose, the work borrows the transaction mechanisms typical of platform capitalism: the performers pay a fee for the purchase of the version, sign a transfer contract (in which it is specified that no changes can be authorised after the production of the version), photos and videos are taken and processed by the publisher and finally they receive a personalized product. Custom #1 is also a (vintage) tutorial on how to be successful in the management of social networks. 

Óscar Escudero