Tafel 1 („Wiesers Werdetraum”) - Manos Tsangaris International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Tafel 1 („Wiesers Werdetraum”) - Manos Tsangaris

This is a piece at the table with two or three players who make the table sound visibly and audibly by using it simultaneously as an instrument and as a miniature stage, setting the relationship of illuminated and noisy sounds and combining two typical features of so-called Western civilisation: sitting at the table at all (daily: to eat, work, talk, be silent) and planning and recording musical events in score form, usually sitting at the table when writing, by the way. 

Table is a utilitarian object with a horizontal surface.

Concrete sounds of a wooden table, especially those that we usually ignore because the main auditory attention, directed to seemingly more important things, Filters out such side noises and does not want to let our perception be unnecessarily flooded (because there is no end to the side and side noises!) are here moved to the centre of attention and combine with the dynamic drawing illumination of the table and those sitting at it to form a fabric that does not separate the participating senses of the listener/ observer, but places them in specific interrelations.

From the table (panel!), the previously silent and dark space defines itself again into a panel; for example, there is the thread organ, whose threads, pulled from one point, cause asymmetrical light objects to oscillate and spin, creating little light dances and drawings in the space that transcend the barrenness of their means. 

Manos Tsangaris