The Great Tone has no Sound - Rafał Mazur International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of creative work as an improviser, on the ground of his artistic and philosophical concepts, Rafał Mazur has prepared a solo project referring to free jazz, rock music, improvised noise, and free improvisation called The Great Tone has no Sound 大音希聲. In this project, Mazur explores the concept of Daoist strategy of action connected with a state of mind called wuxin (無心) in spontaneous improvisation. He connects free improvised music energy, sounds, and vibrations with several sound-modulating effects. The project was premiered in November 2019 in China at the opening concert of Shenzhen Fringe Festival and Jazz Improvised Music Festival in Shenzhen and Guangzhou. 

The author’s intention is to create the music to stimulate the mind. Experiencing sounds and vibrations should lead to understanding, enlightenment, specific experience of the world as a whole through the practice of listening. The Great Sound is all sounds, without their differentiation and separation, the whole of what is perceived and understood in one act of perception. Thus The Great Tone Has No Sound project is more than music: it is a way of experiencing the world by vibrating with it. Listening to sounds, experiencing vibrations is supposed to deepen thinking: understanding and experiencing the world.