WELOVELIVE - Cezary Duchnowski International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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The Wheel of Life, a popular Buddhist mandala, is the starting point for an artistic reflection in my composition WELOVELIVE. A synthesis of phenomena generated by mechanical instruments, their models and computer imitations, and abstract virtual entities are supposed to create a complete image of reality. On the circle which symbolises fullness, people as well as material and non-material testimonies of their existence meet. 

The project is based on original sound constructions created by Paweł Romańczuk. Those instruments are characterised by a recurrent scheme of mechanical behaviour, for example with a specific rotational or pendular element. 

The instrument is a specific symbol of human activity tools. Artistic creation is often accompanied by a peculiar, meticulous choice of material. Whether the latter is wood, metal, or computer so ware, every idea centres on human voice. 

Cezary Duchnowski