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PLAYGROUND call for scores 2022
by Spółdzielnia Muzyczna

The PLAYGROUND project is an expression of our curiosity. In the past we founded the contemporary music ensemble because, in the first place, we always want to find out what comes next, what’s in the air, what kind of a future can be discerned in today’s pursuits. We announced a call for scores addressed to composers from the world over in order to meet different people and discuss with them what’s around us all and then give good concert performances together.

After last year’s announcement, several dozen entries came in, which meant several dozen hours of music to listen to, including every possible style and leaving us speechless. Then we revisited all of it with Åsa Åckerberg, Szymon Bywalec, and Ricardo Eizirik, to choose a six-composer dream team.

In June we held a couple of rather casual workshops in our playground, to meet again in August and September, these times to work on the new pieces effortfully and be able to present them to the public in their intended entireties. The 2022 edition of PLAYGROUND culminates within the spaces of Poland’s two major festivals of contemporary music: Warsaw Autumn and Sacrum Profanum.

5 September 21:00 Teatr KTO Kraków
side event to the Sacrum Profanum festival

7 September 19:00 Klub SPATIF Warsaw
prologue to the 65th International Festival of Contemporary Music “Warsaw Autumn”

free entry

Fabio Machiavelli How many balloons do you need to make your sound? for flute, clarinet, saxophone, percussion, two violins, cello, daxophone, and electronics
Rachel C. Walker Hajir for flute, clarinet, soprano saxophone, violin, viola, cello, percussion, and electronics
Agata Zemla des créatures invisibles for percussion, flute, clarinet, two violins, cello, performer, and electronics
Alex Vaughan Idol Factory for flute, clarinet, bassoon, piano, violin, viola, saxophone, and percussion
Jug Marković kora for violin, viola, cello, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone, piano / sampler, and percussion
Hristina Susak ENTROPIA for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, viola, cello, saxophone, percussion, and electronics