Kościów, Aleksander International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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born in Opole in 1974, in 1993–98 he studied composition with Marian Borkowski, graduating with distinction, followed by viola in 1994–98 with Błażej Sroczyński at the Music Academy in Warsaw. 

From 1998/99, he has been teaching at the same Academy, as well as in San Diego (guest lecturer), Weikersheim (composition masterclass of Jeunesses Musicales), and Daegu (composition class at the Keimyung-Chopin School of Music). In 2007, as a mentee of Marian Borkowski, he obtained a PhD in composition, followed by a habilitation in 2014. Since 2016, he has chaired the class of composition. 

Selected works: String Quartet no. 6 (2002), Cludioculos for three flutes, trumpet, percussion, accordion, piano and strings (2003), Shihaikaifor soprano and piano (2004), Symphony for choir and symphony orchestra (2006), Song About the Water’s Shine for choir and orchestra (2007), String Quartet no. 9 (2009), Bitter Sorrows for women’s choir and nine cellos (2010), Litaniae for soprano, women’s choir of white voices and orchestra (2012), String Quartet no. 10 (2012–13), Tnyganekuinlu for vocal sextet (2014), Thereisa Street for accordion ensemble (2014), Hílathi for string quartet with optional mixed / female choir (2016), The Book of Teraa for vocal sextet and electric piano (2016), Cantata on Poland’s Baptism for mixed choir, three clarinets, three trombones, three percussionists, piano, seven cellos and double bass (2016), Hodos/Oikos for electric string quartet and chamber orchestra (2020), Shores of Scáth Scamaill for string orchestra, double bass clarinet and marimba (2022).