Khadanovich / Ryterski / Wdowik International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Jaśmina Polak actress
Diana Krawiec / Dobromiła Dobro, Arkadiusz Gruszczyński, Grzegorz Laszuk team of curators
Adam Jankowski sound production and mastering

Presentation of a radio drama produced in the Radio Kapitał Experimental Studio as part of the project RadioTeatr 2022:
Andrei Khadanovich, Rafał Ryterski, Małgorzata Wdowik IN BETWEEN/паміж

Life as an ongoing translation of the reality we face, of what surrounds us. Literally, this is the day-to-day experience of refugees from Belarus and Ukraine. Metaphorically, it is also the common experience of us all, though ostensibly we are here at home. We are, nevertheless, still enclosed within our separate spaces. Leaving them places us at risk of being misunderstood, and consequently of constantly translating and explaining. The radio drama In Between / паміж is based on texts by Belorussian poet and translator Andrei Khadanovich, who strives to come to grips with the experience of emigration, war, and paradoxically also of his own, as a writer, taking refuge in translation practice. The music for this radio drama was composed by Rafał Ryterski, and the whole is directed by Małgorzata Wdowik.

A project developed by Radio Kapitał in cooperation with the Old Town Cultural Centre and cofinanced by the Capital City of Warsaw from the Cultural Institutions Fund.
Organised by Radio Kapitał, Old Town Cultural Centre, Komuna Warszawa Theatre