TEMPO REALE International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Centre of musical research production
and education in Florence

Founded by Luciano Berio in 1987, Tempo Reale is one of Italy’s main points of reference for research, production and education in the field of new musical technologies. Since its beginning, the Centre has been involved in the realisation of the Berio’s works and presenting them in the most prestigious musical contexts in the world. The development of criteria for quality and creativity derived from the Centre’s experiences is reflected in its continuous work with famous composers and artists as well as with young emerging musicians. The main areas of research reflect the multifaceted ideas that have always characterised the initiatives of Tempo Reale: the concept of musical events of great depth, the study of electronic processing of “live” sound, interaction between sound and space, and the synergy between creativity and performance and rigour. In addition to research in these areas, the Centre regularly holds performances, events and projects in collaboration with various institutions in Tuscany working in the field  of music, theatre and dance, as well as promoting a wide network of educational exchanges.