Nepelski, Karol International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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studied composition at the Academy of Music in Cracow in 2002–7, where he obtained a master’s degree with distinction and then a PhD in the class of Krzysztof Penderecki. He currently works as an assistant professor at the Cracow Academy and at the Faculty of Direction and Drama of the Academy of Theatre Arts in Cracow. 

In 2005, he studied at the State High School of Music in Stuttgart; he received a scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for academic achievement and a scholarship for outstanding young scientists awarded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. He has worked with the L. Solski State Academy of Theatre in Cracow, Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Jagiellonian University and, since 2006, the A. Zelwerowicz Academy of Theatre in Warsaw. As composer-in-residence, he has worked in Bourges (2008), at the NOTAM studio in Oslo (2009), in Cologne as part of the Composer Collider with Musikfabrik (2012), with the London Philharmonic Orchestra (2017–18), and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra in Glasgow. He has lectured notably in Rotterdam, Kyiv, and Budapest. 

He has written opera as well as instrumental, theatre, and film music. He is also involved in electroacoustic music, audiovisual creation and performance. He collaborates with many directors in Poland and internationally, including Luke Perceval, Paweł Miśkiewicz, Paweł Wodziński, Jakub Skrzywanek, and Waldemar Raźniak. Theatre productions with his music are regularly presented at leading national and international festivals and have won numerous awards. He notably won the 1st Prize in the Marek Stachowski National Composition Competition for Feu éternel for symphony orchestra, as well as awards for music for Małgorzata Warsicka’s plays: Beniowski. A Ballad without a Hero at the Nowy Theatre in Poznań (Grand Prix in the Live Classics competition and Grand Prix of the 1st Festival of Music at the REZONANS Theatre in Wałbrzych), The Master and Margarita at the Polski Theatre in Bielsko-Biała (Golden Mask), and The King Spirit at the L. Solski Theatre in Tarnów. 

His music has been presented at many festivals of contemporary music including Tête à Tête in London, Warsaw Autumn, Malta in Poznań, Tonlagen in Dresden, Musica Polonica Nova, Festival of Premieres in Katowice, Cracow International Festival of Composers, Festival of World Cultures in Gdańsk, Introspekce Nové Hudby and the Polish Salon in Prague, Ostrava Days, National Aesthetics Conference “Materia Sztuki” (2008), Aesthetics of Performing Arts (2012), and at the World Aesthetics Congress “Aisthetics in Action” (2013). His works have been performed by orchestras and ensembles such as the London Philharmonic Orchestra, National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice, Musikfabrik, Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, Beethoven Academy Orchestra, Silesian Quartet, Lviv Philharmonic Orchestra, Łódź Philharmonic Orchestra, Orchestra of New Music, Ricciotti Ensemble, Kwartludium, and Ensemble Nostri Temporis. 

Selected works: The Elements I for chamber ensemble (2007), The Elements II for symphony orchestra (2007), Solaris, opera (2008), Quintet élementaire for 4+1 loudspeaker system (2008), mBaraka, interactive installation for actor, flute, rattle and video (with Jakub Falkowski, 2008), Feu Eternel for symphony orchestra (2008), Trio of Forgotten Senses for flute, violin and piano (2009), The Art of Dialogue for two violins (2009), Secrets of Lascaux Cave for trombone and tuba (2009), PRIMORDIUM: Naturalia for chamber ensemble (2009), Circlesong for chamber ensemble (2009), Neurosymphony for symphony orchestra (2010), PRIMORDIUM: Encephalon for violin, clarinet, piano and percussion (2010), Up&Down for symphony orchestra (2011), Non-harmonic... for chamber ensemble (2011), Quintet Somatique for chamber ensemble (2011), Dialogue of Narcissus: Echo for guitar and electronics (2011), Metavariations for chamber ensemble (2012), Dialogue of Narcissus: Dorian Gray for bassoon and electronics (2012), Broken Frames of I. Bergman for chamber ensemble (2012), Nostriama for chamber ensemble (2012), Santa, santa erotica! for chamber ensemble (2012), Aisthetic Symphony for symphony orchestra (2013), Phonemic Songs for symphony orchestra (2013), Quartetto Grosso for amplified quartet and string orchestra with electronics (2013), Homo Sonans, audiovisual performance (with Paulina Załubska and Jakub Falkowski, 2009–14), Logical Shift for voice, percussion and piano (2014), Bio-chorales for wind quintet (2014), : : for violin, clarinet, percussion and piano (2015), Vibranium for chamber ensemble (2016), The Story of the Falls, sound installation (2016), Wyspiański Liberates, oratorio (2016), Psychoacoustic Models for symphony orchestra (2018), Variations on Global Crowd for harpsichord and electronics (2019), Birdy, opera (2019), Colours of Unity for symphony orchestra (2021), Process for mixed choir (2021), Faraon, phantasmagoria for choirs and soloists after Bolesław Prus and Verdi’s Aida (2022), Zona for ensemble and electronics (2023); film, theatre, and TV theatre music.