Historie robotyczne (Robotic Tales) - Michał Górczyński International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Historie robotyczne (Robotic Tales) - Michał Górczyński

Movement generated by the musician initiates sound. The refined dynamics and characteristics of each gesture (a product of many years’ practice) add up to what we call the performer’s technique. The same word, “technique,” may also be used with reference to the technical operations of contemporary robots, with all their imperfections, basic programmes, and mechanics. Robotic Tales deal, on the one hand, with the possibilities of machines, while on the other they represent an attempt to translate that original sound-generating gesture into the language of robots. The collaboration of the musician and the machine on the organisation of such a sound-centred duo becomes a kind of manifesto concerning the unspoken, creative potential of robots. 

Michał Górczyński