in dreams begin melodies - Paweł Malinowski International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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The piece is made up of simple melodies and improvised, recorded, frequently very poor samples of my own voice. These elements lead to a sense of instability, inner disintegration of sound, slow and looped concept of time. These naïve sounds and simple actions, as well as song excerpts, musical box tunes, and the noise of magnetic tape – are my only escape from reality, from the permanent sense of living in liminal space. 

The title refers to Delmore Schwartz’s story In Dreams Begin Responsibilities and to my memories of its extraordinary stage adaptation by Magda Szpecht (which I saw quite a long time ago). In that spectacle, the impression of watching an oneiric movie (the long arm of light crossing the darkness and spinning) evokes dim reflections of family tales. 

Paweł Malinowski