In-Stealing-Out International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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This Warsaw Autumn Hits the Club concert shall consist of several parts. Its main premise is the use of various forms of interaction between the musicians on stage as well the transformation of the initial material of David Lang’s work. To start, the Hashtag Ensemble will perform his original piece Cheating, lying, stealing (1993, rev. 1995), followed by live processing of selected fragments of this composition and their electronic transformation, duplication and mutation of Lang’s work into completely new music. The modus operandi developed during rehearsals will result in a combination of performance and controlled improvisation by the entire group. The evening shall culminate with my solo vocal and electronic set, drawing on contemporary vocal techniques and combined electronic transformations. The idea behind this set is a cohesive mix of physically impactful postclub music with contemporary, analytical and cool compositional thought, allowing for precise sound selection and creation of drama. 

Dominik Strycharski