Kompozycja intymna (Intimate Composition) - Piotr Lewandowski International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Kompozycja intymna (Intimate Composition) - Piotr Lewandowski

I focus on exploring notions of proximity, loss, duality, and transformation. I want to create a mechanical and mental connection between bodies, revealing familiar patterns and dynamics in relationships. By creating a spatial–temporal human form consisting of two mechanically connected male bodies, I delve into the interaction between corporeality and the associated personal energies. Carnality becomes my mode of communication. Using its sculptural potential, I narrate the relationship and contact between two people. 

The work moves from the archetype of duality to a homogeneous world, symbolised by the appearance of a single cocoon. This symbolises the gradual disappearance of opposing forces and the emergence of a unified whole. In this context, homogeneity refers to a state of harmonious unity in which dualistic notions dissolve and interconnectedness and shared experiences are understood in new ways. 

I transcend traditional categorisations to adopt a fluid perspective. I delve into the intricacies of human relationships, sensuality, and desire. The uniform costume represents a space where I can authentically express myself and connect with others on a deeper level. In the video installation, I fully engage the space in the narrative I am conducting. It is a key factor here. The work is immersive, allowing me to fully enter into the created situation and the relationship I am narrating. 

Piotr Lewandowski