Polka is a Czech dance - Nina Fukuoka International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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In my world, existing structures enable and facilitate specific patterns and processes over others. Those result in actions that are meant to be constantly assessed and evaluated by other people and technology. 

As I navigate my way through this sinister age of surveillance, accompanied by irony and misunderstanding on the side, I cannot help but wonder about alternative worlds: Are AIs in other dimensions working minimum wage jobs and humans being the ones tasked with making art and poetry? Are they less lonely? 

It seemed to K. as if all contact with him had been cut, and he was more of a free agent than ever. He could wait here, in a place usually forbidden to him, as long as he liked, and he also felt as if he had won that freedom with more effort than most people could manage to make, and no one could touch him or drive him away, why, they hardly had a right even to address him. But at the same time—and this feeling was at least as strong—he felt as if there were nothing more meaningless and more desperate than this freedom, this waiting, this invulnerability. 

Franz Kafka, The Castle 

Nina Fukuoka