Statyści (Extras) - Dominika Reszka International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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As I move around every day, I pass various random people. I call these characters, who accompany me on my personal journey, extras, because in the context of my entire life story, they are an insignificant flash in the pan. And yet their lives are just as complex as mine. Made up of relevance and irrelevance. The conversations I hear/overhear reveal the mystery of these entities—they create a shared interpersonal space. 

In my work, I operate with transparency and destruction. The former results from the realism, even naturalism, of the situational recording. The latter expresses the state experienced just after hearing the extras in reality. The transience of their stories causes them to become distorted in our memory, gradually fading, fading and, finally, disappearing. 

Dominika Reszka