Aas, Inga Margrete International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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is an Oslo-based musician, improviser, and composer. As a musician/improviser you could find her playing circle bow on double bass in the improvduo Vilde&Inga, delicate noise sounds on the viola da gamba in the free folk band O, or engaged in a counterpoint with the classical chamber orchestra Ensemble Allegria. These activities have been documented on a variety of recordings: Vilde&Inga: How Forests Think (SOFA, 2020), O: Firstness (2022 dBUT inter@mbience), Ensemble Allegria: Britten/Hagen/ Strauss (LAWO, 2022). As a composer you could find Aas trying to notate bow scraping for cello, tying fishing line to a bass drum pedal, or preparing an overhead projector. She is currently working on pieces for the ensembles Aksiom trio, Rugle, and Boyes musikkompani.