Shlomowitz, Matthew International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Born in 1975 in Adelaide, he began his musical education as a student of Božidar Kos at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, later continuing with Brian Ferneyhough at the Stanford University. Since 2002, he has been living in London. He teaches at the University of Southampton. In 2003, he cofounded the Plus– Minus ensemble, of which he is still a codirector. 

Selected works: The Major Sevenths Medley for four electric guitars (2014), Popular Contexts, Volume 8, five soundscapes for a contemporary percussionist, MIDI pads and various acoustic instruments (2015), Electric Dreams, opera (2015), Lecture about Bad Music for lecturer, clarinet, electric guitar, synthesizer and violin (2015), Popular Contexts, Volume 10: Beethoven’s Fourth Symphony in context for flute, synthesizer, violin and cello (2016),Lecture about Listening to Music for lecturer, soprano saxophone / tenor saxophone and synthesizer / samples (2017), Freedom for Notes and Men for talking accordionist (2018), Glücklich Glücklich Freude Freude for piano and orchestra (2019), Graveyard Slot (with guest appearance), quartet for alto saxophone, electric guitar, drum kit (with MIDI pads) and synthesiser (with samples) (2019).