Zea, Daniel International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Swiss-Colombian sound artist, designer and composer living in Geneva. Focusing on instrumental and electronic music as well as computer programming, he often cooperates with other artistic disciplines such as performance, contemporary dance, and visual arts. He teaches at the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD) lecturing in sound, video and interactive programming. He has been invited to give workshops and masterclasses in institutions such as CNSM (Paris), HKB (Bern), Universidad de Lanus (Buenos Aires), USP (São Paulo), Unirio (Rio de Janeiro), Universidade Federale da Juiz da Fora, Monash and Melbourne Universities, among others. He is a founding member of the Vortex ensemble, where he participates as a composer and as electronic music interpreter. 

Selected works: Recaída for percussion, flute, clarinet, violin and cello (2003), Decaída for two guitars and electronics (2003), Glifosatofor guitar and electronics (2003), Purga for wind quintet (2003), Muro, audiovisual installation (2005), Cambuche for quadrophonic tape (2005), Latex for oboe, violin, double bass, guitar and percussion with amplification (2006), Te Masca for maracas and electronics (2007), Lentejuela for ensemble (2007), Bufete delirante for double bass and electronics (2008), Swim, audiovisual installation (2008), Las ciudades invisibiles I–II for vocal quartet and cello (2008), Orejas de mosca, sound installation (2009), Brisures, performance (2009), Bleu remix, performance / video installation (2009), Spare changes for homeless memories (étude) for two dancers, CCTV and electronics (2010), Quand je pose ma tête sur ta cuisse (étude) for three dancers, orchestra of testicles, theremin and electronics (2010), El Dorado for violin, cello and double bass (2010), Elegant Spanking for clarinet, violin, double bass and electronics (2010), Wasserfront, audiovisual installation (2010), Alexacrash, audiovisual installation (2011), The Boiling Point for dance, robotised pans orchestra and electronics (2011), Lágrimas de cocodrilo for soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello and electronics (2012), Kinecticut, sound & broadcast choreography for four performers and four computers (2012), Dirty Laundry for tape (2012), Lavando perlas (Pearl Dance) for toothbrush, artist and electronics (2012), Contrabando for ensemble (2013), Promiscuity for violin, clarinet, trombone, tuba, double bass and electronics (2013), Arti’piaf, typewriter app for arti cial birdsong generation (2014), ALibi, music and so ware for a choreography of Lorena Dozio (2014), Erdbeben (Tremblements), music for a video installation of Alexandra Maurer (2014), Anatomical DJ for computer, kinect, six loudspeakers and projector (2014), Henry in the sky with diamonds for contratenor, flute, oboe, clarinet, percussion, violin, viola and cello (2014),The Fuck Facebook Face Orchestra for four performers, four computers and four projectors (2015), Corralejas, sound installation (2016), Desplazadosfor 4–5 performers, computers, amplified thermal blankets, MIDI percussion pads and real-time video (2016), Pocket Enemy for ensemble and electronics (2017), Ailes, electroacoustic music for contemporary dance (2017), Laps, music for a choreography of Olivia Ortega (2018), The Love Letters? for two performers, two webcams, two computers, video and electronics (2018), Borracho digital for sampler, electric guitar, saxophone, percussion and text generator (2019), Swallow! for four performers, four computers with webcams, text generator, video and electronics (2019).