Eksponuty (Exhibitoned) - Paweł Romańczuk International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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—or exhibits? What can really be found in a museum? Can an exhibition of exhibits be a starting point for creating, playing, and listening to music? I think about how collections are gathered: objects united in a single place but devoid of their original function. If the numerous objects, gathered for years in the Small Instruments workshop, were treated as a collection, we would stop hearing them, just as no-one pops into the Cabinet of Clocks to check the time. By transferring a selected group of instruments for a moment from Small Instruments’ Wrocław workshop to the Museum of Warsaw, we shall match the character of the music and type of sound source with the content of the latter’s exhibition. Surely, this will not lend a new activity to the “Things of Warsaw,” but might enable us to see (hear?) them from a new perspective, add a new dimension, and subject museum exhibits to a perception test. 

Paweł Romańczuk