Han - Ida Lundén International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Written in 2003, when I inherited a pile of EP records from my grandparents, all by the same religious song performer, Artur Eriksson. While listening to them I realised that he was invariably singing the praises of another man, Jesus. I decided to single out all the sections where he sang the words “He” and “Him,” and make a piece of music out of that material. For the Warsaw concert I have added two other pieces to go with the original Han. One is an excerpt from a work titled BVMJ (my grandmother’s initials). This fragment is called Han sjunger (He Sings) and is based on a song that both my grandma and Artur Eriksson used to sing. The other accompanying piece is also based on material taken from Artur Eriksson, more sound-like, but still focusing on one word only: Stjärneljus (Starlight). 

Ida Lundén