Olimpiada muzyczna (Musical Olympics) - Michał Górczyński International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Olimpiada muzyczna (Musical Olympics) - Michał Górczyński

is the discovery of a sound structure hidden in physicality, in the relations between instrument and body, and in the phenomenon of Olympic games as a set of sound actions. Motion is the basis of sound: to play a note, you need to move your body, diaphragm, finger, or hand. This is the inescapable foundation of all music. If the body is the foundation, is the fact that a musician is “focused” on playing, with his or her body ready to jump, expressing unique articulation, not a source of utmost inspiration? An instrument controlled by such a physically oriented musician becomes particularly plastic: a tool of a different, physical expression leading to extraordinary sound discoveries. The Musical Olympics, presented at Warsaw Autumn by the Kwartludium ensemble, are thus an experimental field of expression on the borderline between physicality, sound, and the performer. Sound action versus the power of muscles; the state of the body versus the imagination of sound; sport-like tension versus the meaning of the sound structure. 

Michał Górczyński (Kwartludium)