Piwnice. O książce i radości jej adaptacji na słuchowisko (Basements. About the book, and the joy of adapting it into a radio feature) - Aleksandra Cieślak International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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Piwnice. O książce i radości jej adaptacji na słuchowisko (Basements. About the book, and the joy of adapting it into a radio feature) - Aleksandra Cieślak

The book Basements was an initiative of illustrator Dominika Czerniak. Initially, it was textless, so Dwie Siostry Editions approached me to write poetic riddles. As a typical rhyme hunter– gatherer, who finds everything “useful,” I delighted in imagining what my neighbours keep in their basements. I sometimes lurk there through the little windows or cracks in the wooden doors. Basements are not only repositories of strangely named objects. They are also collections of sounds! So I am very happy that the book gains a new lease of life as a radio feature. When I write, I often use words that sound intriguing. Just as objects, with time words become abstract forms: we forget what use they had, or their original meaning. Audio cassettes, CDs end up in the same box with chiffon, lacquer, or chaise longue. Today, these words can revive and resound not only in my head, thanks to the extraordinary Voices in this oneiric work! 

In dreambooks, basements symbolise the subconscious. Issues pushed into subconsciousness can reappear as a washed-out dress or a collection of preserves from the previous centuries. Who are the owners of basements? What type of people are they? What hides in their subconsciousness? Look for the answer between the sounds! 

Aleksandra Cieślak