Hülcker, Neo International Festival of Contemporary Music Warsaw Autumn

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is a composer–performer whose work focuses on music as anthropological research in everyday life environments. Their compositions evolve as situations, performance-installations, actions and interventions, and deal with digital subculture (like ASMR), childhood, human-animal-relations, queer practice, and cultural hacking. 

Hülcker studied composition with Dieter Mack and Harald Muenz at the High School of Music in Lübeck and with Manos Tsangaris and Franz Martin Olbrisch at the Carl Maria von Weber High School of Music in Dresden. 

They are a part of the Y-E-S collective, who publishes music dealing with performativity, temporality, sound as physical experience and the cultural frames of concerts (y-es.org).

Neo Hülcker has authored compositions, performances, music theatre, and installations such as Ear Action (2016) with Stellan Veloce, crackles (2016) and good dog (2017) for MOCREP, Gib Pfötchen (2017) for Maulwerker and Da war ich noch nie in meinem ganzen Leben (2017), Musik für tote Tiere (since 2017) and tentaculus ohri (2018) with Henry Wilde aka Antonia Baehr, Dress up – Selbstporträt mit Hund (2020) with Ulrike Ruf, and Das Musikgeschä (2021) with Bastian Zimmermann. 

Hülcker has cooperated with Ensemble ascolta, mam. Manufaktur für aktuelle Musik, Ensemble Garage, MOCREP, Bastard Assignments, Maulwerker, decoder ensemble, We Spoke, The Agency, paranormal φeer group, Henry Wilde aka Antonia Baehr, Bastian Zimmermann, Armin Wieser, Tomomi Adachi, Stellan Veloce, Lucie Vitkova, Andy Ingamells, Elisabeth R. Hager, Matthias Kaul, Astrid Schmeling, Eva Zollner, Bill Dietz, Jennifer Torrence, and many other artists. 

Theirs compositions have been performed notably at Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik, Wien Modern, Warsaw Autumn, London Contemporary Music Festival, Munich Biennale, Blurred Edges (Hamburg), Frontiers Festival (Birmingham), Sound Acts (Athens), Summer Courses for New Music in Darmstadt, Klangwerkstatt in Berlin, Dark Music Days in Reykjavik, Moving Music Festival, and SSSS! in Chicago. 

Selected works: einwohnen – Intervention im Wohnraum, installations and performances (2013), Norbert K. Jeder Tag ist ein G. Heimatexpress. Powerplay for two performers (2013),Mitarbeit for trumpet, clarinet, cello, keyboard, synthesizer, monotron, radio and video (2013), Eva und Neele for accordion and video (2013), Sidekickfor four performers (2014), Sammlungen – Konzentrate, Leerstellen, Restefor clarinet, saxophone, trombone, viola, keyboard and four hidden performers (2014), Zu spät für das Privatleben for trumpet, trombone, two percussions, guitar, cello and tape (2014), copy! for performer, three laptops, ASMR objects, toys, wigs and loudspeakers (2014), happy accidents, electronic music (2015), Bauvorhaben for flute and video (2015), Tape for Terry for performer, objects and camera (2015), ASMR *contemporary music ensemble* [tapping] [scratching] [brushing] [whispering] for voice, clarinet, zither, percussion, cello, keyboard and video (2015), cracklesfor 3–10 performers (2016), self-induced music, installation (with Stellan Veloce, 2016), Ear Action, performance (with Stellan Veloce, 2016), gib Pfötchen for four performers (2017), etudes to become a deer for two performers, video and objects (with Jennifer Torrence, 2017), tentaculus ohri – a collection for unplugged listening, performance (with Henry Wild / Antonia Baehr, 2017), good dog for four performers (2017), da war ich noch nie in meinem ganzen Leben, sound installation (with Henry Wild / Antonia Baehr, 2017), Musik für tote Tiere #3a for two performers, video and dog (with Henry Wild / Antonia Baehr, 2018), I’m in your bodies for accordion, flute, voice and three talking dogs (2018), Bei unserer Höhle dahinten for three performers (2018), A body essay. Fiction actually for three performers and video (2018), Yes, Shiperol for four performers (2018), unboxing transmitter for piano, violin, clarinet and video (2019), what is the future other than a dream we are able to dream right now? (2019), we speak for four performers with megaphones (2019), Dress up: Selbstporträt mit Hund, music theatre (2020), kows for two performers (with Stellan Veloce, 2020), let me just for seven performers (2020), Mitarbeit– Nacharbeit for six performers (2021), Das Musikgeschä , music theatre for nine performers (with Bastian Zimmermann, 2021).